Home Visits

Please contact the surgery as early as possible if you feel a home visit is needed. All non-emergency visits should be notified by 10am.

Home Visits are however not ideal for a number of reasons:

  • Chiefly because we cannot offer the same facilities at home.
  • Visits are also very time consuming and time spent visiting people at home means time not spent seeing people in the surgery.

We therefore restrict home visits in accordance with principles agreed across North Staffordshire, to the genuinely housebound and those whose medical condition may be made worse by bringing them to the surgery, as assessed by a doctor.

Transport difficulties may be overcome with the help of friends or relatives, taxis and other transport.

If you are concerned that you cannot wait for long periods in the waiting room, although your condition does not mean a home visit is required, please let reception know. A time can usually be arranged at which you will be seen within a few minutes of arrival.