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To All the Patients We Serve

We know we're not doing so well at the moment in providing our usual good service to our patients.

We had a new telephone system installed in the summer of this year, believing it would improve access and satisfaction through a call queuing system, reducing the risk of a repeated engaged tone, as well as being able to route calls to different teams. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we are really struggling to resolve with our system provider the issues we have been experiencing since installation. We are answering your calls as fast as we can but are aware some of you are experiencing problems getting through.

We know that the waits you are experiencing when you call to try to get an appointment each morning are frustrating. We recognise the annoyance that is created by having the telephone system cut calls off before they have been answered. We hear you. We are all patients somewhere too, and we know we wouldn't want to encounter this.  We offer over 1,100 appointments a week with a range of telephone triage, routine and face to face appointments.  We are absolutely not 'in hiding'.

We have always prided ourselves on giving an excellent service and we know we are having a few issues right now.

We are working hard in the background to put things in place to improve the problem, but we expect it will take a while longer to resolve things - as we are dependent on our telephone service provider to sort out the system issues.

For example:

  • The Practice Manager is working closely with our phone provider and in discussions with them on a daily basis. The problem is with the phone provider and not the Receptionists who are working harder than ever with increased demand.
  • We have recruited a new GP, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Practice Nurse and receptionists to help capacity

Although we know you are frustrated with the current system and it's not what we would want to offer, we do still offer a safe service. Although routine matters may take longer to address than we all might wish, urgent issues will always be triaged as appropriate. If you believe you have a significant and urgent illness, our reception team will take your details, some information about your issue, and it will be assessed by our Duty Doctor team.

Please only use this option if you are seriously unwell. For more minor ailments you may be able to be referred to a local Pharmacist who will be able to offer advice or treat your conditions.